Sri Lanka 

Our first full day was amazing. We walked the beautiful beach and enjoyed a light lunch of a few appetizers. We ate chili shrimp, roasted, spiced cashews, and grilled calamari. The chili shrimp were amazing. 

Dinner was a buffet. Superhandsome got a delicious beef, chicken and noodle stir fry that was cooked fresh while he waited. I had some of the fresh seafood that was offered. Along with many of the salads. 

Super handsome loved the hotel we stayed at because we found dogs. The dogs are being taken care of so they were safe to pet and interact with. We are very conscious about touching other dogs because while we lived in the U.K. a woman died of rabies.  

The following day we woke up early and had a quick breakfast. We left the hotel to hit the tourist trail, looking for adventure. 

Adventures in Sri Lanka 

In one last push for a big adventure we decided to go to Sri Lanka for two weeks. It required us to apply for a visa and go and do a couple of shots before we left. 

Sri Lanka is an emerging economy and I knew that this adventure was not one we could handle on our own. So I contacted a tour operator, NKAR Travel and Tours for assistance. 

We landed after a long travel day that was over 14 hours. It was just before sunrise when we landed. The airport was busy and it was warm. We waded our way through immigration and collected our bags to find our tour guide and Driver. 

We found him and headed to our hotel. We fell into bed exhausted. The first day was spent at a beautiful beach, which we throughly loved and enjoyed. 

Holiday Lazy Days 

We are in full swing of lazy here. Presents have been mostly put away. Exceptions are the gifts that are project natured. 

Superhandsome built this 1000 piece puzzle with some help from Sunshine Boy and I. It took him less than 24 hours. 

Link built his Lego Buckingham Palace 

Also over the break we spend time revisiting our favorite movie series. This year we opted for The Lord of the Rings triology.  

The Ents are one of my favorite characters. Treebeard is old and wise.  At first, he is more worried about where the female Ents have gone then the silliness thatvthe hobbits tell him. He believes that his kind are above the ongoing war in the world around him. Which, funny enough is a stance that so many Americans take as well. He is finally compelled to join the war only when he is shown proof that his people have already suffered and died due to the evil of Saurman and the orcs. 

What Americans don’t seem to understand like this Ent, Treebeard, is that you can’t keep the evil out by stopping immigration. It’s not that easy and unfortunately many people bought Trumps bluster about it, hook, line and sinker. I wish it was that easy. Power is corptuable. Men are coruptable. If we don’t collectively take care of each other we will be destroyed. 

What Tolkien embodies in his story, is that evil can not be allowed to flourish in any society because it will affect everyone in the world. Even the Hobbits that seemed so safe in their beloved shire.  

Some Family Time 

This weekend was the first week that I have stepped off my political soap box a bit. Don’t get me wrong, I am still horrified about our president elect and his cabinet choices are equally disgusting. But with the oncoming holiday season I am trying to direct my energy else where to enjoy my family. 

Friday, Superhandsome and I went to the wine expo wit two other American women. We went with the purpose to add to my wine growing collection. 

We spent Most of Saturday cooking our Thansgivnf feast. This year we opted for a smoked turkey from a local company owned by an American and to supplement it with some thighs and legs Superhandsome picked up at the store. 

We had our usual menu: turkey. Sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, Superhandsomes homemade yeast rolls, mashed potatoes and I used a pre-made gravy from M&S. The rub and smoked Turkey was good but I did not want the flavors in my gravy. So I took a short cut. We also made a pumpkin and apple pie. This year I think I finally have the pumpkin correct. I have been working hard to get the texture and spice to Superhandsomes’ preference. I think I finally have that part figured out. My only problem was that I did not precook the crust long enough. Hopefully when I make the next pie I will have it perfected. 

We spent Thanksgiving with an American couple that we know. They did not go home so we adopted them for our feast. It was a lovely time and we made sure to drink Champagne and wine. 

Sunday we had a great family day. We took the boys to the newest installment of JK Rowlings magical world of Fantastical Beaats and Where to find them. It was great fun to sit in the cinema and lose myself into the magical world again. I have missed the magical world. 

Of course we never truly left France. Before the show the lady next to me tried to claim my seat that was covered with my coat with her own coat. Superhandsome had to give her dirty looks and then explain the seat would be occupied shortly. Also during the movie I kept smelling smelly body oder. I finally figured out it was the teen boys sitting in front of us. Thankfully the magic of the movie was so good that it was easy to ignore the smell and the annoying lady next to me. 
It was a magical weekend and a good recharge for my batteries. Hooray for positive family time. 

Protesting in Paris 

Yesterday I participated in my first ever protest. I find it fitting that it was in France. Since they seem to protest often. 

Our March was peaceful. We also had a huge police presence.  France has some funny laws about taking pictures of police. So I snuck this one in as I was arriving to the march. 

We weee lucky as our weather was sunny but cool.   There were a lot of great signs and the energy was positive. 

It was a great experience and I’m looking forward to doing it again in January. 

 Sludgeing Through the Mud

Post Election Trauma has left me sludging through the proverbial mud on Facebook. Shockingly (not really) many of my misinformed friends still feel the need to post wrong information. 

It has been a long 8 years in which I watched so many of my ‘friends’ and even some family say some very horrible things about our president. I understand he was not their choice but to throw that much disrespect on the highest political office in our nation was very offensive to me.  Some of my Christian friends even posted memes wishing for him to die. I was appalled. 

I applaud Hillary’s request to lay down anger and hate with the intent to find common ground and love. I really do. But the fact is I don’t think it’s possible. I have watched these people spew so much hatred toward Obama, Hillary and even personally attacked me for my views. 

It is even harder when I hear that young children are saying hateful, racists and sexist things in the high school my sons would have attended in Indiana. I think so many of us have sat by so long on the sidelines that it has given the conservatives that have racist, bigoted views the idea that this behavior is ok. I have news for them. It’s. Not. I will not just shit up and move on. Arguements telling me that no one rioted after Obama was elected president are weak. Obama was not spouting racist, hate messages. The reports of hate crimes have risen since Election Day. 

Conservatives are asking me to wait and have hope. Every time Trump makes an announcement for who he’s planning to tap for his cabinet, I am further appalled. He has tapped Priebus the ultimate Washington insider to head his cabinet. He is tapping Banon the loudest, nastiest, conservative voice who has shouted over every other opinion and voice of reason to take a seat on his cabinet. Freedom of speech watchers should take note now. The man he wants to dismantle the EPA, Ebell is a climate change denier. If you have doubts that climate is changing and the sea water is not rising I invite you to look up what the city of Miami was dealing with, daylight flooding and how they had to deal with it. In other news Trump has apparently asked for his children to have top security clearances, this sounds awfully mafia like to me….

Meanwhile in Paris… I will not be quiet. I have some protest marching planned this weekend and I will do more. I will do more.